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Amma Bhagavan’s Anugraha Deeksha - by Sri Samadharshini Ji -- Notes from CD
( Notes taken on 23-05-2008 Friday at home.)

Amma Bhagavan is unified soul in 2 bodies. A few minutes spent in the presence of Amma Bhagavan will ensure a shift in the Destiny of people.

What is Anugrha ? Amma answers Sri Samadharshini Ji when she was very young with a story :

Story – 1 :

There were 2 brothers. Elder one was shrewd. He took away all the inheritance from parents and did not give anything to his younger brother. Younger brother could not do anything and he became a devotee of A B. One fine morning, w/o any efforts by the younger brother, the elder one came and gave the younger one’s fair share. What was thought as impossible became possible. This is Anugrha .

Story – 2 :

A girl came to Bhagavan and she asked Him, my parents are going away abroad and how can I contact you? There it will be Day and Night in India, you will be sleeping. Bhagavan said,, “ Any moment my devotee calls I will be present immediately ; I do not sleep. Even if 100 million people call me, I will be present to them as their Gods. Space and Distance do not matter for me . I will be your constant companion to you”.

What is Deeksha?

It is a gift of divine Grace. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa put his foot on the head of Sri Vivekananda to give him Universal Consciousness. The same Deeksha is now given by Amma Bhagavan to all of us – whether people believe or not, whether atheist or not.

GMR Chairman’s Note

Deeksha gives personal Experience. It is similar to touching a live Electric cable. Whether we want or not we will receive an Electric shock. Whether we want not we will have our Consciousness level increased when we get Deeksha.

People throng at the sacred temple, because miracles unfold there. It is a phenomenon!

Cocoons become Butterfly
Fearful people become Courageous people
Ignorant people become Awakened and Intelligent people

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There are 3 kinds of people in the world.

Sparrow like people : Sparrows dash against Glass pane window to enter into the house many times; but futile. These types of people do again and again the same thing and expect different kind of result. They receive the same result and finally get depressed and dejected.

Self made people: These people search for a few tips for improvement, a few methods for prosperity and a few tricks for Health. The realization is not deep for them. The results are not Satisfactory and not sustaining.

Third type of people: These people have come to a good level in Life. They have taken max. Efforts to reach that level. A story : Father and son went to a beach. Son was building a sand castle. He came to his dad crying and saying, “ I have given full Strength but I am not able to remove a boulder blocking my sand castle.” Father said, “ I will also help.” Both tried and removed the stone. Then Father said to his son, “ Unless we use the God’s Grace also, we are not using our full strength “. Fullest effort should include Power of Divine Grace also. Otherwise, our efforts are incomplete to get to the Best place.

Story :

A man was put at the top of a building. He could not send any message to people to save him. He was hungry and all alone. So, he threw a Gold coin on to a man who was passing on the Road deep down below. That man took the Gold coin, looked around and walked off. Next, after some time fortunately another man was going on the road. The man on top threw a Silver coin this time to draw his attention. The passerby, took away the Silver coin , , looked around and walked off. Next, after some time fortunately yet another man was going on the road. The man on top threw this time a small stone to draw his attention. The passerby, immediately looked at top to see who. Similarly, we do not acknowledge when we get fortunes. Only when there is a problem or challenge, we look for.

We have a lot of challenges in life. Educational Challenge, Emotional Challenge, Relationship Challenge, Spiritual Challenge, Financial Challenge, etc.

What exactly happens in Anugraha Deeksha?

Amma Bhagavan give 4 Gifts in Anugraha Deeksha. What are those?


Every one wants to achieve some thing. Otherwise, they feel sorrowful and feel useless.

To achieve some thing the 4 Requisites are :

a) Clarity of Purpose or Vision
b) Intelligence
c) Connection
d) Different kind of Consciousness

a) Clarity : People come to Amma Bhagavan and ask “ What will be my future after some time?”. For these people, there is no Vision. Bhagavan said,” We are not Astrologers. You define your goal and future; you do that homework and ask me. We will guide to achieve that.”

b) Intelligence: Vedas say the best thing one can get from God is Intelligence. It involves Right kind of Decisions, ideas and creativity etc.

An average student becomes an Extra-ordinary student
People having Ordinary goals become Toppers in their field.
Ordinary Artists become World-renowned Artists etc.

If you pray in the presence of Amma Bhagavan Creative solutions will emerge.
If people pray in the presence of Amma Bhagavan, their Agna Chakra get activated.

Amma Bhagavan bless and we get into Right kind of efforts, we get Awakening & Antheryamin.

Story :

Listen to the inner Voice : When US twin Towers ( WTC ) were bombed, Bhagavan was talking to a devotee in his Antheryamin in USA for a long time showering His Grace with so much amount of Love and Affection. Though the devotee said, it was time for him to go to office, Bhagavan did not leave him and continued to talk in Antheryamin and delayed. The devotee was late for the train and so for the office and when he reached that place and before he could enter, he saw in front of him, the Twin Tower crumbling. The devotee asked Bhagavan in the evening Prayer and communion with Bhagavan , “ For others also you are Bhagavan but you did not save them”. Bhagavan said: “ I saved – not only you but also a lot of people. Many died. But I was warning and telling them to run away. But they could not hear my voice. I, in fact told the pilots who were in the Plane also not to do; but they did not listen to my Voice” . On many occasions, we are deaf to the Inner Voice. So, we must listen to the inner voice of Bhagavan. Bhagavan says, “ So we need your Help also to do Good for you”. So, connect with your own God . Imagine that God guides you.

Sister Jayanthi

c) Right connections and Contacts : Amma Bhagavan helps like Chess board Moves. Amma
Bhagavan makes things happen.

d) Consciousness :

There were 2 sisters with same Education but with different thinking. They were reading same Newspaper. One sister finds problems always and another sister finds opportunities always.

Many people disgruntle. Prosperity and Poverty originate in their Consciousness. If you have prosperity Consciousness you will find everywhere prosperity. If you have Poverty Consciousness, you will find everywhere obstacles. Where is Prosperity? Is it in Banks? No. It is there everywhere.

Poverty Consciousness is a crime, is Violence, is a suffering.
Therefore, Wealth must be created. So, each one must become wealthy.
How to create Wealth ? Listen to the Story below:

Story of Marble Powder :

In Rajastan, Marbles are cut and they did not know what to do with the cut powder or where to throw and how to dispose. This was seen by a person who was having Prosperity Consciousness. This resulted in a Factory mfg cleaning powder for utensils cleaning later and the person became Millionaire.

Create Wealth, which percolates in all.
When Prosperity Consciousness is bigger, then Thoughts change and Life also changes.

In the presence of Amma Bhagavan, our Consciousness level increase. People are awakened to a new World of Prosperity.


Sri Samadharshini Ji visited a house. The lady of the house has decorated her house with Beautiful pieces of Art. Her grudge is that – all strangers also appreciate but her Husband has never enjoyed them or appreciated them of her interest, though he gave her money . She is a connoisseur of Art.

Wards are achievers but parents do not enjoy. No one has Heart to Heart connection. That is the reason, we are unhappy.

We should enjoy beautiful conversation, delicious food, Good Art, Painting etc.

We live our lives w/o enjoying anything.
Here, Amma Bhagavan infuse this Gift of Enjoyment in us.

Amma Bhagavan opens up our subtle body or Pranamaya kosa and activate Swathishtanam Chakra .
A B bless us.

Love Consciousness : In the Dharshan, Amma Bhagavan activates the Anahatha Chakra .


A girl came to Bhagavan and said she wanted to marry a boy who is in love with her. Parents who were with her - were very anxious. Bhagavan said, “ Do you know how much your parents love you?. Start experiencing the Love of your parents tan that of the boy.

Amma Bhagavan blesses us with Love Consciousness when we love whether others are rich or not, beautiful or not, relative or not.

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Health Consciousness:

Amma Bhagavan activate Manipoora Chakra in us and all Pancha Pranas get balanced. People experience Energy and feel much younger.

Story of a Beggar :

Beggars are of 2 kinds. One is because of fate. Second is by choice. We see the second case of Beggar here.

He begged; collected a lot of food, grains etc in his bag sat on a floor and day dreaming . If God comes in front of me and asks my wishes !!

In that night, really God came on a Golden Chariot towards him. He wished that God asked what he wants. God came straight to him and asked alms from the beggar. An Anti-climax of all his imaginations. The beggar did not expect God asking alms from him. He hid the items he begged which were on the floor not to give to God. God also continued to stretch His hands to him for Alms. Finally the beggar gave God a small mustard piece. God got it from him and went away.

The beggar, wanted to close his bag and put back all . When he saw inside, he saw some thing glittering and found it was a Golden Mustard piece. He was worried and repented that he should have given a bigger roti and got a bigger Golden roti.or a maize and got a bigger Golden maize .

Moral of the Story: When God asks some thing from us, HE will give a much bigger benefit/ gift to us.
In Anugraha Deeksha, our Anahatha charka gets activated.

Here, Bhagavan infuses the Contribution characteristic in us. He awakens our Heart and changes us from Self – centered persons to great Contributors.

Amma Bhagavan make you to Grow.
Greater the contribution greater will be the Growth
Greater the Growth, greater will be the Strength.



There is a Difference between Pleasure and Happiness. Pleasure is some thing which we acquire. Pleasure is not wrong; but it will be diminishing.

Happiness is cumulative. It goes on increasing.

Power and ability to affect other people. You can make others also in Happiness state.

Story :

Monk Buddha and the King Presangel met.
Buddha was begging and the King came in a Chariot.

King: Gouthama, because of your Karma, you are begging and leading a miserable life. See me.
Buddha: Do you think I am unhappier than you?
King: Yes.
Buddha: Dear king, I can sit under this tree for the whole day and still happy.
I can sit under this tree for the whole month w/o talking and interacting with anybody and still happy. Can you? I can do it for the whole of my life, can you?
King: No, I can’t. It will be boring.

Buddha had a state of Causeless Joy.

Therefore people come to the Temple in 1000’s and experience the God Realization in any form.

Bhagavath Sakshathkaram and Athma Sakshathkaram.

They enjoy the Inner Silence.
Oneness Experience is the presence of Amma Bhagavan .
Amma Bhagavan are Field of Consciousness.

If there are 2 persons in a room. One can affect the Consciousness level of the other.
There is a Transmission and receiver from one Brain to another Brain.

Consciousness flow from a Higher Consciousness level to Lower Consciousness level.
We become new Human beings.


Nothing can match in the World the Fulfillment. – Whether it is Consciously sought or un Consciously sought.

Hughes Jack man – Hollywood Actress

If 0.01% of people are awakened, then the whole Humanity can be changed.
i.e., if 64000 people are in the permanent state of Mukthi, they can usher a new Era.

i.e., 640 crore people can be changed – i.e the whole world’s population.

Again, Deeksha is like a Live Wire – whether we want it or not, we will get shock.
Deeksha is so powerful.